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How To Find Idea For Google Adsense site

What is the problem faced when first taken to Google AdSense? Apart from technical issues such as how to create web, and the main question is the classic "I want to make the site about what?" Seems trivial, but many people do not start immediately because they can not answer this simple question. Indeed, the answer to hard-hard-easy. Article below may help you to find a theme that will be used in your adsense site.

To start a business adsense we must have a site. Yes, sites like shops and Adsense is goods for sale. What is the problem that may face when first started the business adsense? Perhaps there is, you do not understand how to create the site, OK, there is truth, but can now be solved with a blog, such as the blogger ( to navigate the already very user friendly even for beginners. Questions that arise, may be more to "I want to make the site about what?" Or "What is the theme (niche) sites that will do? Ok we learn more details.

In general there are two ways to find ideas on the topic sites (niche website), which will be made, first of expertise that are owned or owned a hobby. Had you a mechanic, make the site tips on caring for the vehicle, for example, or a property broker, can create a site on how to buy a house in accordance with the wishes and the cheap price. You can also get from the hobby, for example, you have a hobby or treat plants Selenium koi fish, can create a site about it. Create a site about the superiority of expertise or hobby we have is our boast and energy that is not limited to continue to develop and update our site. Remember, the general adsense site is a site that sells information, for more useful, specific and unique information that we provide. then the sites we will get many visitors and of course will increase their opportunities to click ads on our site.

A second, similar to the way general traders or suppliers sometimes known with the term "look what you did." Yes, we make the theme of the site in accordance with market demand or claim by or topic that many people searching on the internet, or a topic that lag "hot" at that time, traders such as fruit, the durian season sales durian, season oranges selling orange.The trade of law, if you want to create a product, create a product that most sought but few are sell.

Economic law of supply and demand applies also to business google, the higher the demand and the fewer suppliers (supply), then be better. Topics that most good for niche sites is the topic of the most sought-after internet users, but only a few sites that contains the information. In the world of adsense, topic is represented by keywords and supply represented by the search results.

How do I know the keyword (the demand) is the most sought after? For beginners, you can use in , there are several sites that offer software paid for keyword search (such as or, try google search on the keyword "high paying keywords "), but for beginners, there are free enough. So, starting now, return to the example site , initially formed with the
research of keyword Welding, why Welding topic , because I have competence in that, enter the words to Overture and search results will be out in the previous month.

Note: Tools in the Overture is a large number of states in search, to estimate the google search, the results in the three Overture multiplied.

Visible from Overture that in February 2007, the word of welding as 64,023 searchable , and there are also words that have the phrase with the music. Means that the demand is high enough, well now we want to know the conditions of supply by using out search results for keywords in google Welding reached 33.6 million words, is too much competitor.

Note: There is no definitive number of how many comparisons between the search with the search results to be eligible for a niche site. However,typically users adsense use benchmark > 3000(Overture) to find. Means to create a website about the Welding not feasible? Do not despair first, the Overture search results not only in the form of a single word,there have Welding word in the form of the phrases, such as arcs Welding, Welding tig, laser Welding, MiG Welding and Welding handbook.

Repeat this process for various keywords, until you find keywords that match. You can find thousands of possible keywords according to your interests, in adsense, a keyword to be a niche / topic, still remember how the number of words in a dictionary? Millions, we do not mean that resources are limited, choose to live where the match.

In addition to the two factors above, there is actually one more factor that must be considered, namely the value of the keywords you shoot. How that will be paid if people click the ad with this keyword? you can open , the site contains a database about the value of the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) keywod and a number of searches per day, although the keyword in the database of this site is quite a lot but do not represent all. This means if you do not find the keyword in the symbiotic, does not mean the keyword is not feasible.

OK, explanation of the above, you are ready to create a niche site, the first way to make the site suitable niche expertise or hobbies owned.second create a site based on the research of supply and demand, with three key factor in determining the niche (theme) a site, many search word (, the result search (, and the estimated value of PPC keyword (
second, create a site based on the research of supply and demand, with three key factor in determining the niche (theme) a site, many search word ( , the search (, and the estimated value of PPC keyword ( good luck and have a nice blogging.

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