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Payment from Pickjack

There is dont know what it is pickjack. Pickjack. is one of the programs that pay for members with a unique way. Because this is not Paid to Click (PTC), also not Paid to Review (PTR), especially Paid Per Click (PPC). How can I, please read on.

Pickjack that kind of quiz programs. Member will be paid if the questions given to another member correctly. The question is not how difficult, because the other member who also want the question answered by many other member, but sometimes there is the rather difficult question, but it is not a problem because we can take advantage of Google to help us. You can answer the questions one by one and you can choose which of the easy questions first, but if you want fast can directly answer the 10 questions and the question that determines pickjack. Try to give a good rating. We can also provide a question when we have the 20 questions correctly. I know less clearly detail how the payment, it may not be too large, but it's bearable for the content of paypal also add a science.

Pickjack also paying members at the time specified. You will be paid if the dollar is collected at least $ 0.05. That is not a difficult thing, because in one day if you can be serious, you can more than that. The period of payment made on May 16 and the next payment date will be June 3.
How fit I am on 16 May is in doubt because the same pickjack can notice that its payment is sent to paypal, but apparently has not checked the money into a paypal. I continue to try to get to the admin pickjack, which is essentially why the money has not been protests into paypal, even with the English language that belepotan parties seem to understand there can maksudku. And date of next day there are more funds had been essentially in paypal, and you know that do not have worried because pickjack akan pay. This is a screenshot

So not sure if pickjack SCAM.
If you are interested please click here. .
would like to know if the trick play in the pickjack, wait the next posting.