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Optimizing Google Webmaster Tools is one of the factors that determine the success of your blog in Google Search Engine,things that look trivial even sometimes have a major if you are really serious optimize accordingly. Any techniques you specify keywords without setting a strong base on the Google Webmaster Tools all useless. that does not make any settings this time, I tried to reveal the secret! please be learned:

  • Adding format Feed reserves in Sitemaps

One way to make it easier google spider to index page is direct via Sitemaps.In blogger we can not install Sitemaps own address,so we would not want to use the default address Atom.xml feed. Did you, not ever use a process target sitemap index page will always be successful. To avoid this problem I suggest you add the address sitemap backup at any time if needed. For bloggers themselves have 4 default feed format which can be used as a backup sitemap:

  • Atom.xml
  • Rss.xml
  • feeds/posts/default
  • feeds/posts/default?alt=rss

Sitemaps on the menu, then choose Add Sitemap. In the combo box, please select the Add Sitemap general input default feed options above.

  • Avoid duplicate code verification

Note that verification is only one address at a blog, most new bloggers easily copy-paste the source code to other blogs, irrespective of the verification code is still stick in the old code. One of the weaknesses which the blogger is the inability to provide choice in the form of a HTML verification file.


On the Tab tools menu choose Manage Site verification, and then on the option box, please select Add a meta tag.
Please copy and paste the code into your Edit HTML page and put this code on the tag below <Head>. If you already keep a blog and then go back to google webmaster and press command Verified. here until you have already successfully verified.

  • Set the speed of a web crawler (Googlebot)

How quickly you ask the Googlebot to index your pages? sometimes we are too excited to make a choice to Faster mode. Although it is effective to accelerate the Googlebot to index the page but it is very risky and usually have a faster mode bribe a certain time (expires), I suggest you maintain the course at the Normal Speed.

How to set the speed index web crawler (Googlebot):

On the Tools menu choose Set Crawl Site and check on Normal Recommended crawl rate.

  • Geographic Target Options

You want to compete the position of keywords on forget it if the content you full proof Indonesia.Do not impose themselves to compete keyword in the global google,competition in the is too heavy for non-english content and will hold the position of your keyword. In fact when someone searches, google is actually automatically redirect to the domain according to the location of the state. Is the smarter you have to set the target search Geographic location, If the content you are more likely to indonesia language means your target readers from indonesia as well. I suggest that you have only focus on

How to determine the target Geographic:

On the Tools menu choose Set Geographic Target and check on a Associate Geographic location with this site select the target country you want, eg Indonesia.

  • Set preferred domain selection

Preferred choice of domain is still controversial, some say many webmasters when the search index will be more good if we only display if the domain name without the www, Note this is not redirect the settings from the domain, but only way google displays the results of any search index. For this time I also dare not determine where the best option. If still in doubt you can select the option Do not set an association.

How to determine the Set preferred domain:

On the Tools menu choose Set Geographic Target and you can select option 3 is given, check one of them on the appropriate advice .. I still doubt if you can select the option Do not set an association

  • Provide easy to google index image on your blog:

Maybe you do not believe my blog visitors come from 20% image search, for that I recommend you to activate this facility. Occasionally the search for the image file with a certain keyword here should be able to give you the name of the file target. Once again there is not any secret to winning in the image search index, you need only specify the image file name in accordance with the Relevant keyword.

How to determine the Enhanced image search:

On the Tools menu, please select Enhanced image search and then check the I would like to enable enhanced image search on my site and am Authorized to opt into this advanced service.

Happy blogging

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